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How To Make A Moscow Mule With Ginger Beer

Do you dream of coming home to a perfectly blended and chilled Moscow mule? Have you ever wondered if it were ever possible to make yourself the perfect mule that you wouldn’t have to go out of the house? Don’t feel too guilty about it because you are not the only who has ever thought about creating the perfect mule blend that will suit their personal taste. In fact, there have been a lot of great arguments between the best minds of the past up until today. Each one trying to justify that the Moscow mule creation that they have recreated is the best there is.

If you ask ten drinkers of the Moscow mule with the ginger beer the question of what makes the perfect cocktail, they will probably give you more answers than you could handle. Everyone had their own idea of what they want for their cocktail to taste like. Although all their versions of Moscow mule are nearly the same, there is still something distinct about it. Perhaps the first step to finding the right mule combination is the identification of what is needed to bring the cocktail together. Here are the top ingredients:

  • You need a lot of ice. The ice on this drink will make it the cocktail that you will wish to have again, and again.
  • Chilled cocktail glasses are perfect. These stemmed glasses should be put in the freezer to get chilled. These glasses make a huge difference.
  • A metal shaker to help you create the perfect blend. In the absence of a shaker, you can use a pitcher instead.
  • Ginger beer is always necessary when preparing the perfect mule. You will go wrong without it.
  • A lemon slice would be perfect to garnish the drink. Although trying to put an olive would be good too.
  • If you choose to put vodka, make sure you choose the plain one. The blend later on might not work if you choose a flavoured vodka to begin with.

The process of creating the perfect moscow mule is actually pretty simple. All you need is to mix the ingredients together and that’s it. It should be perfect for your taste buds. After all, it will be what you want that will matter in the end. The perfect blend will always be about what you want it to taste like.

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