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Sunday, December 21st, 2014


DIY Budget False Bottom

We’re back with a new addition to the 10 gallon eHERMS brewery; a budget false bottom for the mash tun. Here’s how you can make one.

DIY Budger

Oxo ‘Good Grips’ Splatter screen with handle:

3x 16mm long M6 stainless steel bolts and nuts.

1 brass tank connector

Total cost = around £20 or $30 at most.

I cut the handle off the splatter screen and then cut and flattened the handle mounting point securely. I then cut the hole for the tank connector, and the 4 holes for the bolts (which are used as stilts to keep it from collapsing.) I fitted the tank connector and bolts fixed with nuts on the underside. I then grabbed the angle grinder and cut two slots in each side of the mash tun’s opening so that I didnt have to make the false bottom a folding one. I plan to fix it with 15mm copper pipe using a small length of hose to join it to the outlet. The weight of the grain bed will hold it down.

And that’s how you make a budget false bottom for a mash tun.